Lighting measurement

We provide authorized lighting measurements.

Lighting calculations

We perform calculations of both artificial and natural light.

Street lighting

We offer comprehensive services in public lighting


We offer measurements of luminance curves and luminaire parameters in the laboratory.

About us

We have been offering complex services in the field of lighting since 2005.

We carry out calculations and measurements of lighting – artificial as well as natural. We have a modern laboratory equipped with top photometric devices. We pride ourselves upon being amongst the few companies in both the Czech and Slovak market to perform measurements of road luminance or UGR..

The company was founded fifteen years ago and in the beginning, it mainly focused on lighting measurements. However, as early as in 2008 we rented new premises, recruited new employees and started investing in modern measuring instruments. Thanks to these innovations we started acquiring prestigious contracts and strengthened our position in the market.

Our passion for innovations lasts to this day. We keep on investing into modern technologies in order to provide you with the best services possible.

Currently, the company’s services are provided by 12 highly qualified professionals whose expertise covers the entire field of lighting issues.

There is not one problem in the field of light that we cannot solve.