In relation to municipalities and communities, we provide public lighting registers, public
lighting master plans as well as public lighting concepts as the cornerstones of administration
and lighting system development.


We design solutions, make calculations of lighting, and propose projects for public lighting systems and tunnels as well as for architectural lighting of historic buildings.


We measure road luminance and lighting of traffic areas with our own luminance camera. We measure lighting of pedestrian crossings. We can verify parameters of systems currently in use. We also assess irritating light and glare from, for example, illuminated advertising.


We monitor grant programs in the field of public lighting. We prepare applications for grants according to grant programs. We process documents for grant application and ensure its filing in cooperation with the applicant.


We prepare procurement procedures for contracting authorities. We process the technical parts of procurement documents. Representing the contracting authority, we implement the procurement procedure in accordance with Act No. 134/2016 Coll. We carry out administration and checks in order to find out whether all award criteria have been fulfilled. We measure samples of lights proposed by participants within the procedure in our photometric laboratory. We participate in evaluation committees as external experts.


We provide expert opinions to the full extent of our expertise. Our company acts as a consulting partner for many significant cities and state organizations.

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