Measurement of

artificial lighting

We mainly measure lighting mainly for the purpose of occupancy permit procedure, using luxmeters of laboratory precision. The measurement output is a protocol including calibration and eligibility certificates.

Measurement of


We measure anti-panic lighting as well as emergency route lighting. The measurement output is a protocol which can be used for the purposes of occupancy permit procedure.

Measurement of


We assess daylight within the requirements of ČSN 730580. Measurements are carried out for the purpose of occupancy permit procedure in accordance with legislative requirements for specific premises.

Measurement of

public lighting

We are one of the few companies to be able to directly measure road luminance. We carry out such measurements by luminance analyzers and luxmeters of laboratory precision. We also measure parameters of additional lighting for pedestrian crossings.

Measurement of

obtrusive LIGHT

We measure obtrusive light mainly to verify the limits prescribed by law. Typical sources of obtrusive light include advertising equipment or improperly designed systems of public lighting.

Measurements with

Luminance camera

We work with luminance analyzers that enable us to precisely assess the parameters of public lighting. The output is a protocol including luminance maps in false colors.

Measurement of

Color rendering index

Color rendering index measurements are offered as part of laboratory measurements. We are able to perform this measurement in the field as well, for example as a proof of compliance with the legislative requirements placed on specific luminaires.

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