We provide all educational projects on a platform called  LIGHT IN PRACTICE.

In particular, we provide:

  • – conferences

  • – educational projects

  • – competitions for students and companies

We are partners with a professional project called Light in architecture. The program of the event is available here.


The aim of our conferences is not only to provide information about fundamental technical and product innovations, but also to create an opportunity to meet the widest possible range of professionals from different fields who encounter lighting issues in their everyday work, including light producers, architects, designers, educators, and state administration workers. Apart from providing professional lectures, the conferences also aim to connect experts on a social level and to create space for discussion of a wide range of topics in the lighting industry.


This year we have prepared for you 8 topics offered as workshops.If you want to know how design of lighting systems works in praxis in terms of rules, energy savings orspecific requirements of different spaces, you can simply apply for one of our workshops according to given instructions. The topics are designed for recommended groups of professionals who always have a prioritized and free-of-charge access to according workshops. We look forward to your attendance.


In 2018, we announced 3 competitions for professionals as well as students: The Best Bachelor and Diploma Thesis, Innovation in Light, and Architecture and Light.